What is Wunderlist Pro?

How is Wunderlist Pro different from the free version? 

Wunderlist Pro allows you to assign an unlimited number of To-dos in each Shared list, upload Files of any size to a to-do, create unlimited subtasks and access additional backgrounds.

Is Wunderlist Pro right for me? 

Wunderlist Pro is aimed at helping your small team or business get more things done together. It's also for anyone that needs the unlimited features that Wunderlist Pro provides.

How much does Wunderlist Pro cost? 

Wunderlist Pro can be purchased for $4.99/€4.49 per month.​

How can I upgrade?

To upgrade to Wunderlist Pro, go into your Account Settings in Wunderlist by clicking or tapping on your Avatar – here you will see the option to upgrade.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime, but the subscription will run until the end of the billing period. Once your Pro subscription expires, your Wunderlist account will automatically revert back to the free version  your lists and tasks will not be lost. You can find a detailed explanation about how you can cancel your subscription here.

Which payment methods can I use?

If you upgrade via https://www.wunderlist.com or from within the Windows App, you can use your Credit Card to pay. You also have the option to pay via Paypal when purchasing through https://www.wunderlist.com.

If you upgrade via the Android App, the payment will go through the Google Play Store.

If you upgrade in the iOS or Mac App, your payment will go through iTunes. Please contact iTunes Support directly for subscription cancellations and/or refunds.

Do I have to upgrade on every platform?

No, you only have to upgrade once, from one platform or mobile device. If you are using the same Wunderlist account on all devices, then your Pro status will upgrade in your app across all devices once the payment goes through. Still not seeing your upgrade? Troubleshoot here.

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