How to use Google Now with Wunderlist

We've built some powerful Google app features right into Wunderlist for Android to help you get stuff done. 

Create to-dos with your voice by saying 'Ok Google, Make a note..."


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Start by saying "Ok Google, make a note..." followed by your to-do, like in the video above. Your to-do will then be added to your Inbox in Wunderlist. If you use a different language for your Google app, you'll just need to say the word Note in your language. 

Your To-dos on Now Cards

To get started, just swipe up from your phone’s Home button or tap the Google app. 

In the morning, any to-dos that are due today will be brought up on a Now card to help you kickstart your day. Then in the afternoon, you’ll get one with any shopping related to-dos to help you get a head start on dinner. If you need to see more details about a to-do, just give it a tap and it’ll instantly open the Wunderlist app. 

Now Cards appear based on when your Google app thinks you'll need them - so you may not always see them. They'll also only appear if you have to-dos that are due today, or have shopping related items in your lists.

How to turn off Now cards for Wunderlist

If you prefer to not receive Wunderlist Now cards, simply open your Google app, open the Menu > Customize > Downloaded apps, then tap on the relevant Now card question and answer 'No.'


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