Android App Permissions Explained

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When you download Wunderlist for Android, we ask for a range of ‘permissions.’ In this article, we'll be explaining why we ask for each permission and what each is used for:

This permission allows us to locally store your lists and their contents. By doing this, you can use Wunderlist without an internet connection (offline). It also helps us make your Wunderlist experience faster and smoother, as you won't need to always download your lists from our servers. 

Network Communication
This permission allows your Android phone/tablet to both receive as well as send updates to and from our servers, so that your lists stay in sync across your other devices. For example, this covers almost everything you can do in Wunderlist, from creating to-dos to Sharing lists to Reminders/push notifications to adding Comments and viewing Files. When you sync, your data is sent through a secure and encrypted connection.

Your Social Information
Being able to privately share a list is a core feature of Wunderlist. We ask for this permission to make it easier to share a list with your friends, family or colleagues. In general, we never save your contacts or their details to our servers. When you share a list, our Android App only displays their data to you (so that you don't have to manually type their email address). The only time that we ever store your contact's details on our servers, is when you choose to privately share a list with them. We then associate that specific email address with the list you've shared.

Your Accounts
To make signing up and/or signing in to Wunderlist easier, we include options to associate your Wunderlist account with your Google+ and Facebook profiles. We only ever access this information if you choose to opt-in for this.

Google Play Billing Service
Wunderlist offers both a free and premium service, Wunderlist Pro. If you choose to purchase Wunderlist Pro using the Android App, we then use this permission to complete the payment.

Control Vibration
In the Settings menu, you can choose whether you'd like to receive Notifications. This permission allows Wunderlist to vibrate your phone/tablet when you receive one.

Prevent Phone From Sleeping
This is only used if Wunderlist is open and in the process of syncing. We prevent your phone/tablet from sleeping during a sync to make sure that all of your changes are saved and appear across your devices. When Wunderlist is closed or not syncing this isn't used.

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