How to Set a Due Date and Reminder

In Wunderlist you can set up recurring Due Days and one Reminder for each To-do. Tap or click on a task to open its Detail View, where you will see the option to set Due Dates and a Reminder.

When a Reminder is due, you will get an email and/or In-App notification depending on your settings.

On iPhone, iPad & Android

To enter a Due Date, tap a To-do to open the Detail View and click on “Set Due Date.”

After you set a due date, you'll see an option appear to make it recurring. Click on "Repeat" to open up the menu and select one of the suggested recurrences or select Custom and create your own. 

On Mac & in the Web app

​To enter a Due date or Reminder, double-click on the To-do to open the Detail View. Click on “Set due date” to select a date, and click on "Never Repeat" to show the dropdown menu with options to set up a repeating Due Date. Then click “Remind me” to set up your reminder.


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