How to Rename a List

On iPhone & iPad

To edit a list's title on your iOS device, swipe from right to left across the list in your home view and tap on the blue edit button. 

On Android

To edit a list's title on Android, tap on the list you wish to edit to bring you to Item view. You must then tap on three dots in the top right and tap on "Edit list"

On Mac & in the Web App

You can edit a list's name in the desktop apps by double-clicking on the list name, or by clicking on the blue pencil icon located to the right of the list name. You'll be brought to the Edit List window where you can easily edit the list's name. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the list's title to open the context menu and select Rename List from the dropdown menu.

On Windows 10

Right Click or long-tap on a list to open the context menu. Click or tap on list option to change the list name.

Note: Smart Lists and the Inbox cannot be renamed. 


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