How can I remove other users from a Shared List?

You can remove other users from a Shared List only if you are the list owner – otherwise, you will have to contact the list owner and request that they remove the user by following the steps below: 

On iPhone & iPad

To remove a user from a Shared list on your iPad or iPhone, swipe from right to left on the list name, and tap on the blue cog icon (edit button). The "Edit Shared List" screen will pop up, where you can remove the user from the list by swiping from right to left across the user's name:

On Android

To remove a user from a Shared list on your Android device, tap on the list name to bring you to Item view. Then tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to access the "More..." menu and then select "Edit List." Now you'll see the "Edit Shared List" screen, where you can remove users from the list by tapping on the X located next to each user's name:

On Mac & in the Web app

To remove members from a Shared list on the Web app or in your Mac desktop app, double-click on the list's title bring up the "Edit List" view and to see the list members. Alternatively, you can also single-click on the list and click the pencil icon which appears to the right of your list's name to open the same settings. Next, click on the “Remove” button next to a member’s name to remove them from the list:

If you're experiencing some trouble with receiving or sending Shared lists, please go to our Support Article here, which explains the common errors & solutions.

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