Add File attachments to a To-do

Attaching Files is free for all users. You can add almost any file type from photos, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs, videos and even voice memos to your To-do.  To start uploading, either drag & drop your File/s onto the Detail View or click/tap on the attachment icon (paper clip) located in the Comment field.

On the Web App and Windows 10

On iOS

Wunderlist Pro users can add an unlimited amount of Files to each to-do, and there’s also no limit to the size of each file. Free users can also add an unlimited amount of Files, but the file size is limited to 5MB.

It's now also possible to link Dropbox files to your Wunderlist account. The following support article explains in detail how this can be done: http://bit.ly/18xPoR4

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