How do I manually sync Wunderlist?

Since the release of Wunderlist 3's Real-time sync, manually syncing shouldn't be necessary, as it now happens almost instantly in the background. However, there may be times when service is slow or your connection is weak, and in these cases you may want to, or need to, manually sync. 

On iPhone & iPad

​If you want to manually sync from your iOS device, tap anywhere on your Home View and drag down to initiate.

On Android

Swipe downwards either from the Home screen or List view. When sync is in progress, you'll see white outward-moving pulsating lines, just above the blue arrows pictured below.

On Mac and in the Web app

You can sync manually by clicking on your Avatar icon in the top right corner and choosing “Sync Now.” In the Mac app you can also sync your account with the shortcut "CMD + S" or , or in the Web app by simply tapping on "R."

If you're having trouble with syncing, and our Status page shows no issues regarding sync performance and availability, then shoot us a direct mail with as much information as possible regarding your device, OS and Wunderlist version.

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