How do I cancel my Wunderlist Pro subscription?

Note: You will not see the 'Cancel Subscription' button if your subscription has already been cancelled, whether by you or automatically due to a declined payment. If you're unsure and would like us to check your status, please email support@wunderlist.com.

If you Purchased Pro via the Wunderlist.com Webapp: 

Please visit your account settings and hit "Cancel Subscription". The button looks like this: 

If you purchased Pro on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) via iTunes

You will have to go into iTunes to manage and cancel your subscription. The following Apple Support article explains in detail how this can be done:

If you purchased Pro on your Mac via the App Store

The Mac App Store doesn’t support renewable subscriptions, so your Pro subscription will be automatically cancelled at the end of the subscribed period.

If you Purchased on Android via the Play Store

The following Google Support article explains in how you can cancel a subscription via Google Play:

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