Comments are located at the bottom of your task's Detail View. They let you start a conversation, leave feedback, ask a question or add extra insight in real-time to any of your to-dos in your Shared Lists. It’s then saved with a timestamp and immediately available for any members of your Shared List to review.

Comments are also useful to use in your private lists when you just want to add updates or notes for you to refer back to in a chronological way.

Once a comment has been added by another member in your Shared List, you’ll be notified via the Activity Center, as well via the notification channels you've turned on in your Settings. Since Wunderlist is available on all your devices, your Comments are also available anytime & updated in real-time. 

How do I mention someone in a Comment?

You can mention other people in your Shared list to send them a direct notification by typing their @Username at the beginning of the comment. When you are @mentioned by someone els in a comment, you will receive a notification in the Conversations section of the Activity Center (and vice versa for when you @mention others). This is especially helpful for still reaching the members who have set their Shared List to 'Do Not Disturb.'

Note: The @mention does not auto-fill the user's name for you  you can check the username for each member in your Shared List by going into your list's Edit View. Also, the @username will not be highlighted or clickable after you leave the comment. But the other user will still receive a notification that they've been mentioned.

Next to the Activity Center (bell icon) there is a dedicated stream for Comments (speak bubble icon). Click on the speak bubble icon to see all comments made by other members in your Shared lists.

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