The Activity Center and Conversations

Activity Center

When there is new activity in a Shared list (e.g., when another persons adds or completes an item), you’ll get a notification in the Activity Center. The Activity Center can be accessed by clicking on the bell icon icon located in the top section of your App. The bell icon will show a red number that displays how many new activities are unread and awaiting your attention. Click on the red number to review these activities.

Conversation Center

Located to the right of the Activity Center is a dedicated stream for Comments. Here you can see all comments received on your tasks and on items you are working on in a Shared list, as well as for your @mentions and replies. To access the Conversation center, simply click on the speech bubble icon located in the top section of your app.

Many of the elements inside the Activity and Conversation Centers are clickable. To navigate to the list or to-do mentioned, just click on the name and it will take you straight there.

You can change your Notification settings to be informed of whenever a new activity takes place by clicking on your Avatar image in the upper left corner and navigating to Account Settings > Notifications. You also have the ability to mute notifications from specific lists.

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