Today Widget for iPhone and iPad

Whenever you need to know what’s on your agenda, simply swipe down from any screen on your iOS device and you’ll find all to-dos which are due today in your Notification Center. You also have the ability to interact directly with your to-dos from here, without having to open the Wunderlist app.

Enabling the Today Widget

  • To enable the Widget, swipe down from any screen to bring up the Notification Center
  • Tap on the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the notification window to show all the available Widgets
  • Tap on the green '+' button next to the Wunderlist to add the Widget to your Notification Center
  • Hit 'Done'

​Please note: If you have tasks that are due for 'today' in Shared Lists, only the tasks assigned to you will appear in your Today Widget. This will likely result in the task count differing between the Widget & the App.

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