Add to Wunderlist Extension for iPhone and iPad

The Add to Wunderlist extension for your iPhone & iPad allows you to create new To-dos while inside another app or on a website. Whenever you’re browsing the web - or inside another app - and you come across something you want to save for later as a task, tap on the share icon and add it straight to your Wunderlist. You’ll see a pop-up where you can add/edit any extra details you need and select which list to send it to. It’s perfect for planning, capturing and organizing ideas without having to go into the app itself.

How to enable the Add to Wunderlist extension

  • Open Safari on your iOS device
  • Tap the Share button (upward pointing arrow)
  • Swipe from right to left in the top row where you see icons for your other apps until you see 'More'
  • Scroll down to enable Wunderlist (toggle to green)
  • Drag Wunderlist to the top of the list (optional)
  • Tap Done

To learn about how to install & use the Add to Wunderlist extension for other devices & platforms, go here

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