How to add Dropbox files to a To-do

This article will show you specifically how to add and sync your Dropbox files with Wunderlist.
If you don't have a Dropbox account, are a Wunderlist Pro user, or would just like to know how to use Wunderlist's own free Files service, click here.

How to add a Dropbox file to Wunderlist
If you've ever added a File to Wunderlist before, adding a Dropbox file is just as easy. Please note that you can only add a Dropbox file with Wunderlist's iPhone, iPad, Android and Web apps. To get started, simply click on the paperclip icon (or the Dropbox icon in the Wunderlist Web app).

Once you've selected your Dropbox file, it'll be added as a link to your To-do.

Where is the Dropbox file stored?
The file itself is never synced to Wunderlist's servers and is kept exclusively in your Dropbox account. When you add a Dropbox file to Wunderlist, we only ever sync the link to the file. So if you click on the Dropbox file in Wunderlist, it'll open your browser, taking you directly to it. 

What happens when I update my Dropbox file?
As you go about working, updating and changing your files, the Dropbox files will be automatically updated in Wunderlist so you don't have to add it again. Please remember though, that this only happens so long as you save the file back to your Dropbox account in the same folder with the same filename.

Who can see the Dropbox file in my Shared list?
Anyone in your Shared list will be able to see any File that is attached to a To-do. However, it's important to remember that with Dropbox files, setting exactly who is able to download it from the link provided depends on your privacy settings in Dropbox.

What if I use the Mac, Windows or Windows Phone app?
If you're using our Mac, Windows 10 or Windows Phone app, you'll still be able to see and download any Dropbox file in any of your private and shared lists. Unfortunately, the technology we use to provide Dropbox sync (called the Dropbox Chooser) doesn't yet support these platforms.

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