How can I change the primary email address registered to my account?

On Web, Mac and Windows

Go to your Account Settings by tapping on your Avatar, and then on 'Account Settings.' Click on on the 'Change Email' button to update the primary email registered to your account, and confirm the change by entering your password & clicking 'Save.'

On iPhone, iPad and Android

Tap on your Avatar to access your Account Settings, then go to 'Your details.' From here, tap on the 'Change Email' button to update the primary email registered to your account. Confirm the change by entering your password and clicking 'Done.'

I get the error message "An account with this email address already exists." Why?

  1. You're trying to change your primary email address to an email address you've already added as a secondary email for your Wunderlist account. Click on "Add or manage your email addresses" in your Web App's Account Settings, or go here, to see if it is already listed as a secondary email address. If so, click the "Remove" button, and repeat the steps outlined above. Removing the email address from the secondary slot frees it up to be added as the primary address.
  2. Another Wunderlist account already exists for this email address. If you don't see the email address listed here, then reset your password for this account (www.wunderlist.com/forgotpassword) to regain access. Once inside, you can either: 
  • delete this account if it's empty or no longer of use to you, or;
  • merge this account's lists with the account you prefer to keep (do so by sharing your old lists with your new account & then duplicating these lists once inside the newer account), then delete the account in order to free up the desired email address.


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