Android Quick-Add Widget

With the Android "Quick Add" Widget you can quickly & easily add tasks to your Wunderlist account straight from your device's Home screen.

How to use the Quick-Add Widget

Tapping on the Quick-Add Widget will launch a pop-over & your keyboard simultaneously. You can start typing your task title immediately, before adding that item directly into your Wunderlist account by hitting the 'Enter' button on your Keyboard, or the 'Add' button in the popover.

If you'd like to add extra details to your task, then simply tap on the ↓ arrow to bring to bring up the Detail View  from here you can choose which list to add the task to, set a Due Date and a helpful Reminder if you wish. 

How to add the Quick-Add Widget to your Home screen

  • Tap on a blank, available space on your Home screen
  • Tap on "Widgets", which will take you to the app launcher
  • Swipe through the Widgets until you locate the "Wunderlist  Add an item" Widget
  • Tap and hold on the Widget of your choice to place it on your home screen

You can also enable the "List View" Widget, which displays all your to-dos across lists. To do so, read more here.

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