How can I change or update my Payment Details for my Pro Subscription?

If you've purchased a Pro subscription via Google Play or iTunes/Mac App store and you'd like to update your payment info, then please head to your App Store Settings and update the payment information there.  

If you've purchased your Pro Subscription directly from Wunderlist and would like to change/update your payment method, then you will need to cancel your current subscription (see Screenshot below) and wait until it expires in order to purchase a new one.

Unfortunately our current payment system does not allow for changes to one's billing information after the subscription has been purchased.

Note: If your subscription is still active, you'll see the Cancel Subscription button. If you've received a Payment Declined e-mail, then you will not see this button because your subscription has been auto-cancelled for you. Please do not click the red Delete Account button at the very bottom of your Account Settings, as going through these steps will delete all of your account information, including your lists and to-dos, for good:


After your subscription expires, navigate to your Wunderlist's account settings and re-subscribe there with the new payment method.

Want us to expire your subscription ahead of time so you can repurchase with your new payment info right away? Email us using that template and we'll help you out!

How to change the payment method for a Business subscription

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