How can I use the Add to Wunderlist extension for Safari?

Whenever you’re browsing Safari and come across something you want to save, click on the Add to Wunderlist extension icon (or on the share icon if browsing from your iOS device) and you’ll be able to add it straight to Wunderlist. From there, you’ll get a pop-up that lets you add any extra details you need, like setting a helpful Reminder and choosing which list to send it to. It’s perfect for capturing ideas and articles from the web in a flash.

How to enable the Add to Wunderlist feature:

  1. Install Wunderlist for Mac from the Mac App Store
  2. Open you Mac's system preferences and click on "Extensions"
  3. Click on "Share Menu" on the left side, then enable the "Add to Wunderlist" extension on the right side

If you would like to use the 'Add to Wunderlist' extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser, then you follow the steps outlined in the support article here.

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