How to use Add to Wunderlist Extension

Add to Wunderlist is a handy extension for when you're browsing the web and want to save links and web pages for later. When clicked on, it pre-fills a new To-do with the URL, the website's title and other important information. You can make any additional changes necessary, add a helpful Reminder and select which list to add the new To-do do, straight from the pop-out window. 

The Add to Wunderlist Extension is available for Google Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac. It works a little differently on each platform, so read on for more information regarding how to use Add to Wunderlist on your device or web browser.

Add to Wunderlist on iPhone, iPad and Safari for iOS

To get started, you'll need to make sure you have Wunderlist for iPhone and iPad installed. Please note that this requires iOS 8 or higher. Follow these steps to get Add to Wunderlist enabled on your iPhone or iPad:
  • Open Safari on your iOS device
  • Tap the Share button from the bottom toolbar (upward pointing arrow icon)
  • Swipe from right to left on the top row where you see icons for your other apps, and tap 'More'
  • Scroll down to enable Wunderlist (toggle to green)
  • Drag Wunderlist to the top of the list (optional)
  • Tap Done

Add to Wunderlist for Android

Once you have Wunderlist for Android installed, Add to Wunderlist will automatically appear from anywhere you see an option to 'Share' on your device, whether it's within Chrome, Gmail, Maps or any other app on your phone or tablet.

Add to Wunderlist for Chrome

To get started, first download Add to Wunderlist for Google ChromeOnce installed, you will see the Wunderlist icon just to the right of the browser’s URL address bar, as shown above. 

Add to Wunderlist for Safari on Mac OS X

Whenever you’re browsing Safari — or another app — and come across something you want to save, click on the share icon and you’ll be able to add it straight to Wunderlist. But before you get started, you'll need to have OS X Yosemite and Wunderlist for Mac installed, and then enable Add to Wunderlist by following these steps:

  • Open your Mac's System Preferences and click on "Extensions"

  • Click on "Share Menu" on the left, then check the box to enable the "Add To Wunderlist" extension on the right side

Pro Tips

  • Before adding a new task to your Wunderlist, customize what the task's title, just by highlighting any text on the web page.
  • On Add to Wunderlist for Chrome, you can highlight text anywhere on a website and right-click to Add to Wunderlist for instant saving.

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