How can I hide to-dos assigned to others in my Today/Week view?

If you're part of multiple Shared lists, then you might notice your Week & Today Smart lists include tasks assigned to other members in your list. You can hide the tasks assigned to other users from your Week and Today Smart lists by setting the preference to show tasks "only assigned to me & private" (i.e. only due tasks in Shared lists that are assigned to you, and due tasks that are in private [non-shared] lists). Here's how to do it:

On Android, iPhone & iPad

To change this preference on your mobile device, tap on your Avatar and scroll down to select "Smart Lists." Here you will find the "Week & Today Settings" option, where you can choose to have your Week/Today lists show either "all items", or only items "assigned to me & private."

On Mac and Web

Click on your Avatar → Account Settings, and then click on the "Smart Lists" tab located in the top of the Settings window. Change your Week & Today Settings to "only assigned to me & private."


On Windows 10

Click on your Avatar → Settings, and then click on "Smart Lists". Click on Week & Today Settings at the very bottom, and select "only assigned to me & private."


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