How can I turn off Automatic Reminders?

With the Automatic Reminders feature, entering a new Due Date will also set a Reminder automatically for you (currently for 9am). If you prefer to not have Auto-Reminders enabled by default, you can easily turn off the setting by completing the following steps:

On iPhone and iPad

Tap on your Avatar to bring up the Settings screen, scroll down to the Auto Reminders setting and turn it off by swiping from right to left.

Note: If you create a new task through Quick Add, a Reminder will be automatically set even if you have Auto Reminders disabled.

On Android

From the list view, tap on the settings cog in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Tap on the General tab, scroll down to Reminders and un-check the box next to "Set reminders automatically"

On Web and Mac

Click on your Avatar, and then on the Account Settings option. From here, click on the General tab, and un-check the box next to Auto Reminders:

On Windows 10

Click on your Avatar, and then on the Settings option. From here, click on General and slide the toggle to off for the Enable auto reminders setting:

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