HipChat Integration

This smart Integration has everything you need to make managing your team’s to-dos and communication even easier. Whenever a to-do is added, completed or changed in Wunderlist, you’ll see it pop up in your HipChat room of choice. You can also use "/slash" commands like /wunderlist add [your to-do] to instantly capture a to-do and /wunderlist list to see what’s on your agenda. It’s a simple way to help you and your team get more stuff done.

How do I connect Wunderlist to HipChat?
  1. Head to the HipChat room you want to connect with Wunderlist and click the Settings tab, then Integrations. If you can’t do this, just ask your room’s Admin.
  2. Once you’ve selected Wunderlist from the list, you’ll then be asked to authenticate HipChat with your Wunderlist account.
  3. Finally, choose which list you want to connect to the room, and you’re done!

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