What is Multiple Email Support?

Multiple Email Support works with the Mail to Wunderlist feature to allow you to forward emails from multiple accounts (personal, work, etc.) directly to your Wunderlist Inbox (or other list of your choice). You also have the ability to log into your Wunderlist account with each email address you add to your account.

How to Add Multiple Email Addresses to your Wunderlist account

Go to http://www.wunderlist.com/account/emails to add additional email addresses to your account, or to manage the email addresses you've already added as secondary ones. This page is also accessible via the Web App   click your Avatar > Account Settings > "Add or manage your email addresses."

The primary address will be the only one to receive Email Notifications (if these are enabled in your Settings) and Shared List invitations. If you wish to change your primary email address, head to your General Account Settings inside the app.

After entering a new email address and clicking "Add Email", Wunderlist will send an Account Verification email to that address. After you click the button to confirm your email, you'll be able to begin forwarding emails from that address straight to your Wunderlist!

Mail to Wunderlist

First ensure that Mail to Wunderlist is enabled for you account. Just head to our Mail to Wunderlist tab and check the box to enable Mail to Wunderlist for your account.

On this page, you can also select the default lists associated with each email address. This way, tasks from your work email won't get lost in your Grocery List!

Now that everything is set up, simply forward emails from your verified email accounts to me@wunderlist.com.

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