How can I use the advanced search in Wunderlist for Mac?

On Wunderlist for Mac, we've given the search tool some nifty superpowers to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Here's some of what you can do:
```/completed will find all completed tasks.
will find all incomplete to-dos.
/me will find all to-dos assigned to you.
/overdue will find all overdue to-dos.
/starred will find all starred to-dos.
/today will find all to-dos due today.
/tomorrow will find all to-dos due tomorrow.

See more than one filter that you'd like to use at the same time? You can combine these special search filters using "&" (meaning "and") or "|" (a vertical line, meaning "or"). 

P.S. We've even added support for other languages! If your Wunderlist app is set to a language other than English, then the search tool will do its best to use the right word for your language.

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