How do I switch from a Pro subscription to a Business subscription?

Upgrading your team from one or more Pro subscriptions to a Business subscription is a great way to get everyone on one single Invoice, and to have an Admin Dashboard for easier management of licenses.

Begin by cancelling all existing Pro subscriptions so they do not renew themselves for the next billing cycle. This is done through each user's Account Settings. We recommend cancelling the current Pro subscriptions and then letting them run until their expiration date, before buying your new Business subscription, since these are already paid for. Please note that subscriptions bought directly from iTunes must be cancelled using their steps.

You can then order a business subscription. We advise that the user who is the desired Admin for the Business subscription be the one to purchase it, since this user will receive the licenses and have access to the Admin Dashboard.

After subscribing, the Admin can set up the team  the licenses are immediately available for assigning to team members, and your invoice will be available within 24 hours.

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