What are Smart Due Dates?

By using Natural Language Recognition, Wunderlist can automatically detect and add Due Dates and Reminders while you type a new To-do:

If you prefer to not have a Due Date or Reminder automatically created for you, or if you prefer that the Due Date text remain in the To-do's title, just head to your General Account Settings. Here you will have the option to enable and disable Smart Due Dates, Auto Reminders and Smart Due Date Text. 

Smart Due Dates are supported in your mobile app when you add a new To-do via the Quick Add button. Just tap the blue circle and include a date or time in your To-do's title. Quick Add will instantly recognize and create a Due Date and Reminder.

Smart Due Dates are supported on the Web app, Mac desktop app, Android and iPhone (via the blue Quick Add button). 

Example commands include:
  • Buy milk today at 6am.
  • Pick up Andrew tomorrow at 7pm from the Airport.
  • Complete project proposals for 10am on Friday.

Here's a full list of currently-working inputs:
  • tomorrow breakfast
  • tonight
  • today night
  • tomorrow dinner
  • tomorrow at 3
  • at 3:00
  • July 3
  • July 3rd
  • July 4 2pm
  • now
  • asap
  • later
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • day after tomorrow
  • soon
  • this week
  • end of this week
  • next week
  • someday
  • next month
  • next year
  • in 1 day
  • in 3 days
  • in 1 week
  • in 3 weeks
  • in 1 month
  • in 3 months
  • in 1 year
  • in 3 years
  • on mon
  • on monday
  • in july
  • on sunday
  • on sun

Natural language recognition is currently available in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese but we'll be bringing it to other languages very soon. Subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop.

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