Wunderlist Add-In for Outlook

What the Add-In Does

The Wunderlist Add-In for Outlook.com allows you to turn emails into to-dos and share your lists directly from your Inbox. You can access it while reading or composing an email. 

Can I Use the Add-In for Outlook?

At first, the add-in will be available to all users in North America who have already been upgraded to Outlook.com, with millions of users across the globe to be upgraded in the coming weeks. If you are trying to use or install the add-in on Outlook.com and get this error message, please contact Outlook Support - this means you have not yet been upgraded. 

The Wunderlist for Outlook add-in is also available for users of Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016, and Outlook on the Web for Office 365 subscribers. To use the add-in with your desktop or web app, please go to the Office store to install it. 

How to Use the Add-In

Open up an email and click on the 'Wunderlist' icon above the email's details. Click 'Log into Wunderlist' to load the email into the Add-in, then edit the to-do however you wish and add it straight to the list of your choice. The email's Subject becomes the to-do's title, while the body of the email becomes the to-do's Note. You can edit every section of the to-do and even choose helpful Reminder and which list to place it in  all directly from your Outlook Inbox.

You can also share your lists with your friends, family & colleagues while composing or replying to an email. While in Compose mode, click the "Add-ins" button located to the right of Send and Attach. Select Wunderlist from the list of Add-ins on the right, click Log Into Wunderlist and select the list(s) you'd like to share with others. Please note, that this part of the add-in is not supported yet on Outlook for Mac

Click Share List at the very bottom to attach a List Preview button directly into the email. Want to share more than one list? Simply select another list from the right-side panel and click Share List once more. When the recipient of your email clicks on the button to open up the preview, they'll be able to view it in a new window and decide to accept the list invitation (which will place the list inside their Wunderlist account as well).  

What if I don't see the Add-in in my Outlook.com account?

If you don't see the Wunderlist Add-In automatically, then your account has not yet been migrated to Outlook.com. Open Outlook online and click the Cog icon in the upper right corner to select Manage Add-Ins from the dropdown menu:


Click the "+" button, then "Add from the Office Store." Search for Wunderlist, select it and click the green Add button. Once you've added it, you should see it in the list of Add-Ins. 

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