How to assign To-dos to team members

Assigning to-dos makes it easy to delegate tasks across your team. With Wunderlist Pro, you can assign an unlimited amount of Tasks in any Shared list. Users of the free version of Wunderlist can assign a maximum of 25 tasks in each Shared list.

How to Assign To-Dos

  • First share your list with your colleagues if you haven't done so already. For detailed instructions on sharing, please see our Support Article here
  • Once each person has accepted the list invite, you'll be able to select them from the list of team members in the Assign To field
  • You can assign a task to someone by either clicking on "Assign to" in the task's Detail View or by typing "@" in the new To-do's title (with the exception of Android, Windows 10 and Windows Phone platforms):

Note: Assigning a task to more than one person is not supported (in either free or Pro) but you can vote for this feature here

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