Sharing Lists: Common Issues and Simple Solutions

Sometimes silly things happen during the process of sharing your lists with other users. We can understand why, as it even happens from time to time with our Team too! Before contacting Support with your List Sharing question, read on to learn about the common mistakes (and simple solutions) so you can begin collaborating in no time:

I receive a 404 error message when I click on the List Invite link from my email

  • Why: The list was most likely shared with an email address of yours that isn't the same email address as the one you've registered your Wunderlist account with (e.g. work vs. personal email).
    • Solution: Check the email address your Wunderlist account is registered with. If you're logged into Wunderlist already, go to your Account Settings (click/tap on your Avatar) to see the email address.

I shared my list with another user, but they never receive the List Invite

  • Potential Reason #1: The List Invitation email went to their Spam Folder please ask them to check here.
  • Potential Reason #2: The email address was typed incorrectly. Often times people copy/paste an email address into the Share field and this can add extra spaces or characters. The email address also might've been typed wrongly:
    • ​Check for typos, extra spaces or characters. Verify the spelling with the user you wish to share your list with. Then remove the 'pending' list invite and re-share it once more.
  • Potential Reason #3: The List Invitation was never sent. Go into your list's Edit View by either double-clicking on the list's name, or by swiping from right to left across the name, then tapping on the blue pencil icon:
    • If you see 'not sent' next to the user's name, then you forgot to click on the blue "Save/Done" button after entering their email address. Do this now to send the list invitation on its merry way.
    • ​If you see 'pending' next to the user's name, then the list was sent to this email address. Ask the other user to verify that this email address is the same one they're logged into Wunderlist with.
      • ​Remove the current 'pending' invite (instructions here), and re-share the list with the correct email address & click Save.

I add another user's Email address and click Done but nothing happens...

  • On certain Wunderlist clients (Web and Windows), there's an extra step required to actually enter the user's email address. After typing the email, hit the "Enter" key or click on the e-mail address that appears below the text input field. Then click the Done button to send the invite on its merry way.

I tried all of the suggestions and it's still not working. Now what?

If you've gone through all the steps for each of these solutions and you're still experiencing problems with list sharing, then please contact us at Support@wunderlist.com and include the following information:
  • a screenshot of the list owner's List Edit view
  • the email addresses registered for both Wunderlist accounts (list owner & list receiver)
  • the title of the list trying to be shared

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