How can I backup / export my data?

Yes, you can use our exporter tool at export.wunderlist.com to save all of your owned lists, tasks, subtasks, files, comments and notes as a .zip file. Please note, however, that any shared lists that you are a member of but do not own cannot be included in the export. When using the exporter, your account will also be saved as a JSON file which can easily be imported back in to Wunderlist. 

It is also possible to export your data as a JSON file from within the Wunderlist app itself. Although the contents of the file aren't easy for us humans to understand, it's a format that our servers can easily read. Although the JSON backup is designed to be re-imported into your Wunderlist account, it can also be read via a JSON Formatter app.

If you'd like to create a backup of your lists as an archive, or to import them back into a new Wunderlist account, follow the steps below:
  1. Open up your web browser on your desktop/Mac and log into www.wunderlist.com (on Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Note: the Backup option is not available for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
  2. Click on your Avatar picture at the top left of the screen and select Account Settings: 
  3. Here you'll find buttons to create a backup or to import your data that you've already backed up:

If you are using Safari, you will additionally need to right click on the button, then pick "Download linked file as..." and add the extension .json to the file name.

It's important to remember that the backup only contains your Lists, To-dos, Subtasks, Reminders and Notes. It does not include Files, Shared Lists you don't own, Comments, Assignees or the list members of any Shared Lists.

Here's some important info about Importing your back-up file:
  • The import process can take some time depending on the the amount of lists and to-dos you have. We'll send an email letting you know when it's all done.
  • All the lists imported from your backup will be added to your account. This way you can easily keep the to-dos and lists you need, and delete the ones you don't.
Note: At the moment the Wunderlist import tool can only import Wunderlist JSON files. Exporting to other file types is also not possible at this time.​

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