How to get started

Let's start with the basics—tap on the microphone next to the Cortana icon and say "Create a Holiday Planning list" and Cortana will make a new list. Next all you have to do is tap on 'Do more in Wunderlist', follow the prompts to sign in to your Wunderlist account, and authorize the integration. Now, the lists and to-dos you create with Cortana will sync with your Wunderlist.

How to add tasks to your list

All you need to say is "Add XYZ to my list" or "Add XYZ to my shopping list". Cortana will show the entered text and the title of the list. Press the Wunderlist button to add the task to your list.

How to see your lists

Simply say "Show me my lists" or "Show me my Groceries List". Cortana, connected to your Wunderlist account, will display the tasks on that list and you can check them off right away.


Please note that this integration is currently only available on Windows 10 desktop, iOS and Android devices in English, in the US. Not in the US? The Cortana team is working to bring this to more languages and regions.


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