How can I import my account to Microsoft To Do?

It’s easy to move your Wunderlist lists and tasks over to Microsoft To Do with our importer. First, you’ll just need to get Microsoft To Do. Once you’ve installed and signed in to the app, just head to your settings, find the option to Import from Wunderlist and click or tap Import to get started.

If you’re not already signed in to your Wunderlist account on your device, we’ll ask you to sign in. We’ll then show you a summary of everything that will be moved over to To Do. We’ll import your lists and tasks. Folders will be imported as list groups and subtasks will be imported as steps. Comments aren’t supported yet in To Do, so we’ll import those as a note. Assignments and members of shared lists won't be imported. We'll make it easy for you to re-share those lists after importing, though, by showing you all of the list members from Wunderlist when you tap or click on the sharing icon in To Do. 

After reviewing the import summary, just hit Import once more to start importing. Once we’ve finished moving your account over, we’ll let you know with an in-app notification. You can view a summary of everything that was imported by selecting Details from the notification.

You can also view the summary at any time by heading to your settings and selecting Show last import summary.

If you’d like to continue using Wunderlist after importing, you’ll need to import again to get your latest changes from Wunderlist in To Do. We’ll remember what you import each time, so we’ll only move over your latest changes.

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