Mail to Wunderlist

With Mail to Wunderlist you can turn those actionable emails into to-dos. When you receive an email that’s more a to-do than just correspondence, simply forward the email to me@wunderlist.com. Your new task will be waiting for you in your Wunderlist Inbox, where the subject of the email becomes the task's name and the body of the email is attached as a Note. Even file attachments will carry over to the new Wunderlist task.

Note:  For added security, we now require you to enable this feature. Please head to Mail to Wunderlist and check the box next to “Enable Mail to Wunderlist for your account”:

In order for Mail to Wunderlist to work, you need to forward your emails from one of the email addresses associated with your Wunderlist account. You can add additional email addresses to your Wunderlist account on www.wunderlist.com/account/emails. Once that's done, you can select the default list to send your emails to for each linked email address by going to here.

Pro Tip: You can add details to the to-dos before forwarding your email to me@wunderlist. Just add an asterisk like so "* " [with a space afterward] to the front of the email's Subject before sending it to me@wunderlist.com and it will automatically create a starred task. This works with Smart Due Dates too.

Note: Wunderlist does not support HTML, so only the plain text contents will be included in the Note.

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