Trust & Privacy

Service Status

If there's an unexpected issue with our Sync Service, or when we're doing Scheduled Maintenance, we update our server Status Board - http://status.wunderlist.com - with the latest information. You can also foll...

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Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

If you use Wunderlist like we do, then you also know how it's an extension of your personality, thoughts and ideas. For this reason, keeping your data safe and secure is very important to us. By clicking or tap...

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Where are Wunderlist's Servers located?

We host all of Wunderlist's databases and servers in Ireland, using Amazon Web Services.

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Android App Permissions Explained

Keeping your data safe and secure is very important to us. To find out more, please read our Privacy Policy. When you download Wunderlist for Android, we ask for a range of ‘permissions.’ In this article, we'l...

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More about Wunderlist joining Microsoft

If you've read our blog about Wunderlist joining Microsoft and you have some unanswered questions, then please read on so we can address them for you: Will Wunderlist remain free to use? It sure will...

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