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Soft updates

After the last update, the app doesn’t work on iPhone 5s (iOS 8.4.1). Please, fix up the application, it’s was so nice. Thanks

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No email notifications when Comments made to List item

I thought that Wunderlist would send me an email when a new Comment was mode on a List Item, or if it was reassigned, etc. But I haven't ever gotten such emails - maybe it just doesn't do that. I ...

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How to See Your Accomplishments for Today

Is there a way to just see the completed items done today? I like seeing my accomplishments, seems like a great motivator. If not, that would be a great feature.

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Add more than 1 item to a list. ie import from Excel, etc.

I have a list in Excel I would like to put in Cortana using Wunderlist, I assume. There are 50 items, do I have to add one at a time? Thanks Deb

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Stay logged in

How to I change settings to keep me logged in to Wunderlist

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hour mismatches

Dear friends, I have a sync between Wunderlist and Google Calendar, but due to a reason that I can't understand, google is placing the tasks at 01:00 AM as an event. How can I put the correct time for ...

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Changes via Windows app not moving to Android one

Hello, I use the Wunderlist app alot. As it's my main task manager, I happen to use it both via the Mobile (Android) app and also via the Windows 10 Desktop app. Sadly, many times changes made via D...

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Iftt & alexa intergration

I am trying get my alexa shopping list to link via ifttt with my Wunderlist. I need to use my unique Wunderlist email address. Looked in my account page and only see it mentioned and my regular email address. H...

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Shared list not visible for invited person

Dear all, Yesterday I shared one of my lists with my wife Anna Doleschal. She got the invitation and saw one time my list and the content of it. But now, this list is neither visible nor usable on her Wunder...

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There is a little pin next to the stars that when you press said it doesn’t do anything. I would expect that should hold that to do at the top of your list. But it doesn’t function on the iPad

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