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Imported my Wunderlist into TODO Lost all of the Directories - no sub items

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How to pin the list to the top

Is there a way to pin the most important lists to the top? Using stars to do this is only temporary solution to the problem of lists getting pushed down with new items being added.

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List order does not sync between different devices

I use wunderlist on 2 different computers, my mobile, and my ipad. But when I add items at the bottom of a list on some devices they appear on the top, or the different way around (as well for normal items, as ...

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Wonderlist for personal and also work

I am looking at having a personal prod manager that allows me to separate personal and also client tasks i.e personal id & one or more organisational Ids. Hence when I add a task I want to indicate if thi...

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Wunderlist Update

Wunderlist just popped up a window saying "A new update is available. Would you like to install it?" Where can I find info out about this update. Being a MS product I'm loathe to update anything ...

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Ical to Wunderlist

I understand that I can make my wunderlist task show up on ical. Can I make the ical events show in wunderlist?

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Position of items in list not syncing

- New items added to list in phone app (that appear at top of list in phone) appear at the bottom of the list in the laptop; - Item positions in list that are moved in Laptop do not sync to the phone app (they...

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Open source wunderlist after retirement

Are you going to open source wunderlist after you retire it? I don't like MS to do, the functions, the way it looks. I've been using Wunderlist for many years now and don't want to move. If you ...

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access 'search' within lists

Is ther a way to do this, so I don't have to back out of a list to 'home' view to search. I often want to find an item to uncheck it (make it not complete) again. This often means, if I can...

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default to alphabetical listing

How can I set a list to default to alphabetical? So that I don't have to click on that sort term every time after adding another item or two?

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