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Is there a way to assign dates and people to subtasks?

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To-Do that can't be completed?

Is there a way to create To-Dos that can't be completed (don't have a checkbox to tick them as being completed)? I have some tasks that I never want to finish, they are always just getting their de...

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Sort a completed list

Hello, I'm sorry for my poor english. I have made a shopping list and sort it alphabetical to retrieve components quickly. But when I check components, they go to done list and alphabetical sort is lost...

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Trouble emailing list

My list is complete and I want to share, but the option to email it is gray. HELP!

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Notice, warn

Android version doesn't show "yesterday" option

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Assigning tasks

I have shared a list with one of my colleagues. She can view the list on her wunderlist account but I cannot assign the task to her. Please help

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Wunderlist windows 10 - cannot install

I have wunderlist on my Android phone. I want to install it on my laptop, windows 10. When i find it on the microsoft store, i cannot download it. The install Icon doesnt even appear. Its not a wifi issue. I ha...

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Is it possible to have a communication window/area between shared users on a list? So far all I can tell is it has to be within a task, and I'm looking for outside that task.

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widget refresh problem

Hi, in my Honor 9 the widget do not refresh automatically. Please, help me!!! Regards, C

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Erledigte Einträge

Lassen sich alle erledigten Einträge mit einem Klick auf unerledigt setzen? Jetzt muss ich jeden Eintrag einzeln abhaken.

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