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How sort done tasks

Hi, I Don't found where sort done task. Sort task to do is OK but task done ??? Thanks Fred

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Não consigo logar a primeira vez

Não consigo logar a primeira vez, não aceita meu email e senha

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Item deleted automatically

My listed items deleted two times. First time i think may be kids done something, then today also in office same problem happened.

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Cannot sign in

Type in my username + password, can sign into phone & tablet, but not desktop. Says username + password is incorrect, I have checked a dozen times, can still not sign in. Tried resetting password, can still...

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Closed loop

Cannot get Wunderlist after registering with Microsoft. Is this just for MS systems now?

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inverted inbox!

Would be great if someone could help me with this: I run one list on both my android and desktop. Find it really useful and have used it for a few years. What's happening and it's been going on for so...

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new account

Hi. I want to make new account. But I cant login and if I want restart my password system write me my email dont exist. I cant make new account ...

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Is their a way to see your sublists written under each main "to do"?

Is their a way to see your subtasks written under each main task? Rather than having to double click on each task in order to see its subtasks.

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delete account when mail-address no longer exists

Hi, I want to delete my account that was created with my microsoft account. I since have deleted the microsoft address, do not remember the passwort and therefore cannot have a passwort recovery sent to the o...

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Does Wunderlist have access to my contacts?

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