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Despite beeing logged in, seeing the homepage, not my lists.

I would expect opening wunderlist.com in the browser with an active session (i.e: Icon in the top-right corner) should immediately take me to my list - which it usually did. Since a couple of days now, this ra...

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chrome extension not working

Ihave the wunderlist chrome extension installed. It has stopped working. I have cleared my cache and reloaded the extension. still not working. clicking it in the chrome menu bar will bring up the pop-up window...

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desktop app on Mac not showing to dos

Hello! Recently when typing in a to-do item, as I type, the words I'm typing are not showing in the field until I hit return. I can't see what I'm typing. This just started maybe about a week ago...

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desbloquar la cucenta

mi cuenta aparece bloqueada me gustaria saber com la desbloqueo

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Hi, yesterday I had heaps of lists within the wonderlist app. This morning I opened the app and I was logged out. I loged back in and all my lists are gone. This is the only place I had those lists written down...

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after skiping a daily todo in it is not notifying again

After I skip a daily todo it is not nitifying/reminding me again. Is that normal or not? Thank you

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Subtask question

When using a subtask is there a way to force an "enter" to make a list or use multiple lines of text under one subtask?

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Backup image files

How to backup the image files too in my lists that are owned by me ??

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Daily reminders

Can you set your daily reminders to exclude (for example) Saturday and Sunday so you only include work week days?

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Attachment Reverted to Old Version

Hello, I've been using an attachment (excel) on a task for 6 months and today all the contents of that excel file were gone and it reverted back to a very old version. Can someone explain why that would ha...

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