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default list

Hello, I'd like to have the smart week list to appear by default on the main screen every time I open the application. Is that possible? Thanks Vincent

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How do i stay signed in

How do i stay signed in, so that I do not have to sign in every time I start the application?

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синхронизация с google каленадрём

Не синхронизируются изменения с wunderlist, указаны только те, что сразу при добавлении ссылки URL добавились

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Work days

Is there a way to set a task to be repeated every workday, rather than just everyday (including weekends)?

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iOS text selection in task title

Incredibly frustrating that it always attempts to selects text rather allowing you to type. Have to click about 10 times before it lets show up the text cursor and allows typing?

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Change primary address while using Google plus account

I joined using a Google plus account. I don't want to use this form of authentication. I don't have a password for Wunderlist. I don't seem to be able to change my primary e-mail address.

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Search a completed task for web version

Dear Wunderlist community, I am using the french version of the web app and I am struggling to find how to run a search within all completed tasks only, any ideas ? Thanks a lot for your help, Best reg...

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Notifications for Activity Other than "Completed Task"

I'm interested in receiving a notification for some Wunderlist interaction (like "Mark as Uncomplete" and "Modified a task." Are notifications for these interactions available? How ...

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Dead start menu entry remains after uninstallation

Windows 10 Pro build 17763.55 Downloaded wunderlist through Microsoft Store. After installation, except for the normal "wunderlist" start menu shortcut, there's also a "wunderlist: To Do...

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Unsynced items

My account is showing "14 unsynced items" - When I click sync now it spools but the number of unsynced items doesnt change. It's been like this for a few days now. I'm on desktop and usin...

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