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Can I restore deleted notes in a To-do task?

I accidentally deleted my notes. I tried to find some "undo" key and I don't see one.

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Reminders disappearing on Android and IOS app but not on macOS app

I work with the Wunderlist on Android, IOS and macOS. Yesterday I noticed that the reminders of the Android and IOS app disappear (almost all of it). But in the macOS app the reminders remain. I've p...

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Hide future to-dos until nearer the time

I am a Wunderlist newbie so excuse me if this is easy to resolve! I would like to add buying birthday cards to my lists but as they are set as 'yearly' reminders I noticed that even though they aren&#...

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Hi everyone, I have a problem receiving notification on my phone for task added from my computer. Everything is ON tho. Let me explain : -When I add a task and a reminder from my phone I have a notifica...

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Daily reminders do not work

Daily reminders do not work in your app and as far as I can tell, never have done. I have to look for an alternative as I can’t live without this function. A daily reminder should do exactly that, remind yo...

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App continues to freeze up

My app continues to freeze up several times a day. I switched from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 and it still happens. Any luck fixing this problem that's been going on for so long now? I'm getting to...

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Copy List

I am very comfortable using Wunderlist, but unfortunately there is no Copy List facility to the new List, will this be added in the near future? thank you

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App crashes when clicking on notification or comments icon (Mac OS, Mojave)

App crashes when clicking on notification or comments icon. Mac OS, Mojave. App is updated. Here is the link to screenshot video and crash information: https://yadi.sk/d/_legt-VVI9OtZw

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Crash on notifications panels on macOS Mojave

On macOS Mojave, clicking on the bell icon or chat icon on top right of the app cause an instant crash of the app.

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Reminders are not working

Hi, I've tried everything to make notifications work on my Zuk z2 pro but nothing have worked so far. I have set up every day reminders at certain time but the apps doesn't ring when it's time...

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