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Repeat last day of month

Could you please create an option for a repeating to do item for the last day of the month?

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Moving tasks manually

How do I move/rearrange tasks within a list (to the order I desire)? When I “long hold” as the FAQ suggests, the tasks opens. This is new since the last few updates. Previously I had no problem with this featu...

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Tâches subordonnées

Bonjour, avec la version payante de Wonderlist, est-ce que je peux attibuer une tâche SUBORDONNÉE à un autre utilisateur?

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Wie kann ich Aufgaben kopieren und einfügen

Können Aufgaben dupliziert werden und wie gehe ich vor ... Danke für eine schnelle Antwort. Liebe Grüße Friedel Scheede

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Can't log in on mobile app

I am trying to log in to the Wunderlist app on an iPhone 4s running iOS 9, but I cannot manage to do it. When I use my Wunderlist account details, I get the message that username or password is incorrect. When ...

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Dismissing an active task

When I dismiss my task (using my computer), it shows up in completed, but it is NOT disappearing from the active task list. Is this a settings issue? I have not had this issue on other Wunderlist groups that...

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recurring todo

I have a packing list that I use everytime I travel. After checking off the to-dos, is there a way to reinstate all the completed to dos back to the list? Now I have to uncheck the to-do to re-use the list.

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This article doesn't offer users the options to agree or opt-in opt-out

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Uploud multible files

In add a file , how can i select mulible photo in one step insted of add 1 photo and repete this step again to add another again and agin ?

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Google assistant integration

Until recently I could use Google assistant to add tasks. "make note to...." Now the tasks are added to the Google task list which I do not use. Any ideas? Thx

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