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Wunderlist will not stay open

Wunderlist opens fine on my phone but will not stay open on my Windows 10 desktop. I double click the icon, the app appears but before it displays the lists it closes. Why is that?

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Was booted out after many months of service. App says my email isn't real.

This is only for the computer version of the app: the handy version is working fine. But it takes forever to write some things on the handy, so I have the computer version. Why is it saying that my email isn&#x...

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Add a specific email to a task

I'm using Gmail with Chrome along with the Wunderlist extension. How can I select one specific email and add it to my Wunderlist? When I try it now, I select the email, press the Wunderlist icon on my b...

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eine abgehakte Liste sortieren

Wenn alle Artikel einer z.B.Einkaufliste abgehakt werden, landen sie in die Liste der erledigten Einträge, in der Reihenfolge wie sie abgehakt werden. Diese Liste ist dann unsortiert und kann ziemlich groß sein...

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App continues to freeze up

My app continues to freeze up several times a day. I switched from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 and it still happens. Any luck fixing this problem that's been going on for so long now? I'm getting to th...

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Забыл пароль

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share icon will not allow me to share

I just created an account and the option to share my list is not available. The head with a + is not clickable.

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Siri and ios

The latest iOS is supposed to support greater integration with apps. How can I use Siri to insert a new task in Wunderlist?

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Can I restore deleted notes in a To-do task?

I accidentally deleted my notes. I tried to find some "undo" key and I don't see one.

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Reminders disappearing on Android and IOS app but not on macOS app

I work with the Wunderlist on Android, IOS and macOS. Yesterday I noticed that the reminders of the Android and IOS app disappear (almost all of it). But in the macOS app the reminders remain. I've p...

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