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Sharing of List

Hi, I have shared the list with my partner and now he can see the list. But when I as owner want to assign him some task, it does not happen. I see his name, I select it and then nothing happens. Please help.

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Calendar Reminders

Is it possible to sync the Wunderlist reminder time to the calendar? Mine just puts them in “all day”. Would like to get an additional reminder from calendar without having to manually do it.

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How to share entire folder

How can I share an entire folder (with several lists in it), without having to share each list separately?

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I had to reload my Wunderlist when my computer crashed, and now I am unable to print. The more button is not on the screen. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Several notes associated with list items are gone

I opened my wunderlist today and a number of list items no longer display their associated notes. Has anyone else seen this? Any way to get them back?

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Daily Tasks Missing & Devise Sync

My devices have not synced since yesterday morning (July 9). This morning my daily tasks are not reloading on to my lists. Are there server or connection issues? It appears that I am connected, but cannot ...

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Timecamp integration?

Timecamp lists Wunderlist as an available integration, but I can't find it in Wunderlist itself. Am I missing something? I enabled the integration in Timecamp and authorized it through Wunderlist but I can...

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Reminders Issue

I'm using wunderlist on my phone and on my pc. On my pc I can't set the times of the reminders. I try to change the time but nothing happens and after I set it shows like theres is no reminder at al...

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MacBook Pro - When I check a subtask and go out of the screen, then I come back to the screen, the subtask it unchecked like I never checked it. Very hard to keep up with what I have finished.

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change date format

Currently, the due date is defaulted to dd/mm/yyyy, can this be changed to a mm/dd/yyyy format?

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