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Death of app

Hello, is ir true that in may 2020 the services of this aplication Will end?? Best regards

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Sort button is disabled in Smart Lists

Other than the Today List, The Weekly and All tasks list must have a Sorting feature, like Sort by Due date or creation date. I am using Windows 10, and This feature is disabled. Any reasons, and Plans to en...

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Widget not working properly on Mi 9T

Widget not working properly on Xiaomi Mi 9T. It allows to check the list but the add to list button and others are not working.

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Can't complete a task, a bug?

Recently I can't check a task as completed, in detail, that is: 1. check the task, it disappears, then appears again 2. the same behavior in both Mac and Android 3. deleting the task can succeed The ve...

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Sharing wunderlist tasks with new user

I'm a wunderlist user and not migrated for Microsoft to do, neither wants to migrate. I'm trying to share some tasks with a new wunderlist user without success. I'm trying to install wunderlis...

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No puedo crear una cuenta en wunderlist

Buenas tardes. He intentado crear una cuenta en wunderlist, pero no me lo permite, solo me permite crearla en el nuevo Microsoft To Do. El problema reside en que tengo que tener Wunderlist para trabajar y ha...

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Email to wunderlist inbox (from verified email account) not working

I see this has been a problem in the past - is this feature discontinued??

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Frozen Screen in MS To Do

Hello, I followed the instructions listed and my To Do app freezes on the sign into Wunderlist page. I am working from an iPhone 8 with Safari. For more context, I go to Settings on the To Do app and clic...

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Account hacked

A bookmark to this site has been added to my account. Need to remove asap and help me to secure account

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What's the subscription fee for To Do going to be?

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