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Can this be implemented in the mobile versions as well? And if so,tell me how

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I signed up as required. e-mailing codes back and forth and all this unnecessary bullshit. Now I go to log in and I’m in some kind of weird loop, where it keeps telling me that the information I just entered is...

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Moving tasks to other categories

When I click on a task and drag it to another category, the category shifts up or down making it difficult to move that category into that file. It did not do this till recently. Please advise.

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Cannot delete my account

Hello. I want to delete my account. I found the setting but it asks for a password and then to type the phrase 'I am sure'. The problem is, I signed up using a microsoft account - I didn't cr...

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Finished tasks

Hello, I want to see all completed tasks for the full year but i cant go back more than November 2018, how can i see all completet tasks? Thanks for help

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Double and sometimes triple entries in outlook calendar sync

Hi everyone, Loving Wunderlist thus far but I have found something that is agitating me a little bit and hopefully someone can help. I have it synced with my outlook calendar and initially, it worked perfect...

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My Wunderlist disappeared.

Suddenly Wunderlist requires me to log in withH a Microsoft account. I set up a new Microsoft account. I can't find any of my lists or to-do's. How do I get them back.

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entered wrong email at setup

I set up account with phone number but entered my email incorrectly. Now I can't do anything. Help

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Not able to verify my e-mail

I've been trying to sign up to wanderlist for several days now. When it says to verify my email, it won't send the email to me. How do I get it to send me the email? I've checked all my junk fold...

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Smart List for to dos with no due date

I add to dos that at the moment dont have a due date but I dont want to forget either. Can you create a to do smart list that shows you all the to dos that dont have a due date?

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