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Mailing to wunderlist from an alternate email account

I mail in to Wunderlist from my primary account using me@wunderlist.com. How can I mail into the same Wunderlist from an alternate email address?

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What are the smart due dates in Spanish?

https://6wunderkinder.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2228217-what-are-smart-due-dates- Here's a full list of currently-working inputs IN ENGLISH: tomorrow breakfast tonight today night tomorro...

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Email to Wunderlist Folder

Is there a way to email an item to a specific folder rather than everything going to the inbox.

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smart list not working

Some dates are not showing up in smart week list even though they were made the same way as the ones that appear. How do I fix this?

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Calendar Feed doesn't update

Installed the calendar per instruction but nothing ever show up! I know there is up to an 8 hour lag, it's been 8 days... :^(

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Hi! I just started to use Wunderlist. I wanted to clarify how can I display subtasks directly on the list of tasks? (without opening task details) Thanks, Igor.

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how to uncheck a completed to-do item

How do you go back on a list and uncheck the completed items so I can reuse it?

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Auto reminders

On my Mac and iOS devices I have auto reminders turned off but they still occur. If the due date is included in the name of the task, a reminder is set automatically. How do I get around this?

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how to disable spell check on mac (mojave)

I can not get rid of spell check when writing. When adding a text note in the side bar, auto spell check is all time active. When opening the extra note window by clicking on the up right icon in the side bar n...

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bonjour je n'arrive plus a mettre une tâche tous les trois ou deux jours. pourquoi? i want to put a task each 2 days and i can't do it. why?

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