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Wunderlist ist immer noch erste Wahl wenn es um Aufgabenlisten etc. geht und mit der Ordner-Funktion habe ich jetzt auch Privat und Arbeit in einem Account abbilden können - super, danke und weiter so! Aber mir...

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does wunderlist integrates with Trello?

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How do I print a list of to do items without the notes ?

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automatically add date when typing comments

In order to keep track of developments, I always add the current date when I type a comment. Is there any way to make the system add the date automatically so I don't have to type it? Thank you.

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un-click a list

Hi, Is there a way whereby I can 'un-click' all of my already clicked items at once? Rather than having individually un-click each item? The context is that we often re-use the same list over a...

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Is there a way to lock / password protect a list?

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why can't I setup a "custom" repeat on the windows version

Iphone version allows "Custom" repeat. Why can't I do this on the Windows version?

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Option to assign person missing in To do

The option to assign person is not available in Microsoft To do where as in Wunderlist it is available as very useful. Can we expect the function in To do.

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I do not receive email notifications

I do not receive email notifications from wunderlist. I have checked my settings: email notifications are activated, I have not muted notifications. I have tried changing my main address but that has not sol...

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Repeating task with file attached.

We have created a repeating task to be completed daily. The notes stay with the task from each day but it appears that the file attached doesn't stay in the task each day. How can we get the file to stay w...

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