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recurring task

How to set recurring tasks in the computer app?

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Apple watch Availability

Will to do be available for Apple watch as is Wunderlist? That's the reason holding me back to make the switch. Thanks

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Hide completed tasks from search

Hello! Is there a way to hide completed tasks from search results in the browser and/or iOS app? I use Wunderlist to chart recurring tasks, so my searches generally give me the current version of the task plus ...

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google , people also ask page

I recently read that you are thinking of shutting down this really good to-do list app "wunderlist" & was wondering as a fan why that decision to retire might that be? You did receive the Editors’...

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Widget not working

Widget on Pocophone F1 with Android V 9 stopped working. It shows up, and shows a preview of the tasks, but the top menue is not responsive to touch - neither the arrow for choosing a folder nor the +sign. Scr...

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Switch to Microsoft To Do

Hi, you seem to be [heavily] promoting to switch from Wunderlist to "Microsoft To Do", and I'm curious to understand why ??! Thanks

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Подскажите,как вернуть напоминания на ярлыке приложения? Раньше активные задачи отображались красной цифрой в углу ярлыка, сейчас этот значок пропал. Как его установить снова?

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Daylight savings time

Every year at daylight savings time I have to adjust the time of each task/to-do I have set up. Is there a setting that will make this change automatically?

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Does Microsoft To Do have email reminders yet?

Wunderlist has ability to send email reminders. What about To Do? This is a very important feature and it's why I chose Wunderlist in the first place.

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Change email address

When I try to change my primary email address I get the following message: la modification de votre adresse email a échoué.

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