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Past dues

How can I identify Past Dues from the main To Do screen?

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Repeat only mon-fri

Is there way to make a task repeat only Mon through Fri and skip the weekend? I have looked under custom but can't see how to set it that way? I have tasks that I have to set to repeat everyday and then ha...

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Copy a task or list

How can I copy or duplicate a task or a complete list?

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Duplicate reminders since update

Just a note to support letting you know that after I updated yesterday, I'm getting 2 desktop reminders on my Mac Mojave 10.14.5 Thrilled that are still updating once in awhile. Sobbing that there won&#...

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List Disappeared

I am logging in on the web and all of my lists have disappeared??? It has my completed items but nothing else. I updated my app a few days ago and it hasn't been working but the web has until now. PLEA...

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Blank screen

I installed the latest update today. I had closed Wunderlist beforehand and later when I went to open it, all I got was a blank window. I waited and waited, but nothing came up. I closed the program and opened ...

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Agenda de Mac

Es posible crear una tarea desde la agenda de Mac?

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Entering Wunderlist Items

Is there anyway I can enter new items into my checklist, such that it is placed as the last item of the list, instead of the first/top? Depending on which version I use [Ipad/iPhone/PC], in some cases it wil...

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Why can I not change due dates or dates on reminders

I cannot advance the calendar on due dates as well as when trying to make reminders. I'm working on a PC with links to iPhone and iPad. None work.

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List Organization

How do I alphabetize my sidebar list of lists?

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