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How do i get Wunderlist account

Can I get a brand new account without To Do de Microsoft?

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Will Microsoft To Do sync with other List Members still on Wunderlist

If I make the change to Mircosoft To Do, will the other List Members that have not changed and are still on Wunderlist get the To Do's that I add and sync between us list memebers?

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Import to Microsoft To Do

Is anyone else having problems with the import? All of my lists under my groups are not coming over so I can’t yet make the switch. Very frustrating!!!!!!!

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Can‘t share list

Hi there, We can‘t share lists between a wunderlist account and a microsoft account. After klicking on a share link and logging in with microsoft it says that no wunderlist account can be found. Is there a wa...

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Moving items

I want to move items from one list to another when the list for items that I can move to is there, they are not in any kind of order, how do I create an order in the to move to list?

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Sharing not working

My mum and dad have shared lists on wunderlist, but whenever they invite me to one I never get the notification; neither the email or in-app. What's wrong?

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Password reset not working

Hello, I need your help with logging in to my account via my email yulduzroyaltyride@gmail.com. It says that this email doesn't exist, and there is no account associated with it. It's very urgent, I h...

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Any plan to develop Microsoft To Do apps as an chrome extention?

Hello there, I am a user for Wunderlist, first of all thanks for this app!! Before a couple of days, i visited your homepage and saw the notice that the wunderlist will be terminated until 22 May, 2020. The...

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Assign to tasks

I was looking through the new Microsoft To Do and was disappointed to see that I will no longer be able to assign tasks. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Does anyone know?

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