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The last version of Wunderlist for iPad crashes after I click no it. I do a reinstall / reset and nothing changes. There's a solution for this? iPad 3 IOS 10.3.4 Thanks!

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how can i access wunderlist from Chrome any more

Hey There i do not want to switch to Microsoft To Do at this point. how can i get into my account. i am not happy that i cannot access my lists any more via webbrowser. there i am pushed to do a switch. with...

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Ik heb een account aangemaakt en ik kan er niet meer in ongeldig email adres

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Clickable Hyperlinks

I want to have a clickable hyperlink in a task note on my windows 1 pc. On my Iphone it works, on my windows 10-Pc it doesn't work. When I do that, and open the note, the link isn't clickable until I...

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Custom Backgrounds

Please consider the option to allow users to specify their own background image. Thanks.

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Wunderlist crashes immediately on opening on my iPad Mini (IOS 9.3.5).

Any ideas how to fix this... ? I open Wunderlist, it flashes and disappears. If I push the button twice to show all open Apps, I see Wunderlist, but its window is empty. If I then select the Wunderlist window...

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بابت حذف شدن لیست کارها

اگه اشتباهی لیست کارها و یا موارد انتخاب شده حذف بشن چطور مجددأ میتونیم بازگردانده بشن؟

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To do list visibility

How do I assign tasks in a list or the whole list itself to someone

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MacOS - Can't disable desktop notifications

I have disabled "Desktop notifications" in Preferences > Notifications. But they continue to appear. I also have "Enable sound for new notifications" unchecked, but I continue to ge...

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Signing in for wunderlist

Will l ever be possible to be signed in for wunder list account because l creat an account and it said to be non resisting so is the password of it is it possible for you to sign me in because l now don...

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