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Alternating assigned tasks

So I know you can assign a task to someone and have it repeat (for my fiancée and I it is doing the laundry for example) but my problem is I have to manually change who does it each week. Is there a way to, onc...

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hyperlink in note

I want to have a clickable hyperlink in a task note. When I do that, and open the note, the link isn't clickable until I click on the note to put it into edit mode. Is there anyway to have a clickable link...

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wunderlist:// on android

Using Google Calendar, I've added a feed to show my Today tasks from Wunderlist. In Google Calendar, the Wunderlist task has a notation wunderlist://tasks/4581787xxx Is there a way to make Android un...

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Foldered Tasks

Is there a way to view all of the tasks contained in the same folder? Say I have a folder called "Customer" and in that folder I have two lists- "Acquisition" & "Retention"....

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Delete or rename tags

How to delete or rename tags

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Select all?!

Does anyone know how I can go on to a list and select everything on there?

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Como imprimo las actividades que tengo marcadas como realizadas.

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Add to-dos using google assistant

Trying to add to-dos in Wunderlist using my android but can't get it to work. I read the 'Use Google Now' instructions but I must be missing something.

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Is there a way to connect to iCloud, not just Dropbox? I'd love to link my pages files here... Thanks.

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Wunderlist установлен на смартфоне и 3 ноутбуках, на одном из ноутбуках изменения не синхронизируются. Что на нем надо сделать что бы была синхронизация?

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