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Bonjour, Comment effacer définitivement de la corbeille les tâches terminées ? Merci.

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What do I add to Google calendar? I cant get the url.

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Search completed tasks

How can I search completed tasks on Windows 10 and Web App? Thanks

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adding new users

Hello, I've created some extra users, exactly as the previous ones. They are able to connect but they don't see the shared files. For each shared file, I've included the users with their login...

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Hiding lists

I am currently giving Wunderlist a try and it seems to be a very useful tool for my private life. However, I’d like to use it for work and share a few lists with selected friends and/or co-worker without them s...

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Delete or clear notifications

How do you clear old or expired reminder notifications? I have 100s, mostly dup's because of the snooze & repeat settings, but they go back 3 years. When I click the notification it takes me to the com...

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Настройка сроки задачи

Можно ли установить сроки задачи в определенных пределах,например, срок с 9 января по 30 мая, каждый вторник. Т.е. летом этой задачи не будет?

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If i deleted a todo by mistake how can i recover it with its notes?

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Items List Blank

Had a list of items on my Xperia via the Microsoft Launcher. Worked fine up until yesterday it seems when I checked my list and nothing. No items showing when I sign in on a PC and checked for deleted items.

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Completed ToDo items

I use the completed ToDo items in my shopping list, unchecking commonly bought items rather than re-inputting them. But as the completed list grows longer it's hard to keep track. Is it possible to have th...

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