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Syncing issues and server down June 16, 2019

I couldn’t sync from my iPhone (haven’t tried other platforms). And when I logged out and back in got pop up telling me login not possible because of server issue. When I rebooted my phone it seemed to have log...

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not synhro

17 june 2019years in 06:00 morning GMT+4, not synhro win apps, andoid apps, browser apps. App wunderlist already is closed?

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Desktop Sync and Mobile Not Working

OK a few of days ago I noticed Wunderlist will no longer sync between iOS and Desktop. I saw that there were server issues and figured they would be solved soon, today the Wunderlist Status page shows the issue...

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set reminders on specific days of the week

I would love to set due dates or reminders for specific days of the week like just Tues and Thurs, for example. Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to find one. Thanks

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Daily tasks list

How do I create a “Daily tasks list”, so I can complete and mark them throughout the day, and they appear again as uncompleted on the next day? Thank you.

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Hello,windows 10 application doesn't sinсhronize tasks properly or automatically. I have to push sync button manualy several time to make it happen.

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No notification & no activity notification

Have been using this app for a few months. Only recently there was no push notification even the activity centre does not have show the completion.

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Informação sobre o app

E possível copiar o código de barra de uma fatura e agendar para realizar o pgto futuro?

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Remind on working days

Hello, for custom a due repeat is there for choose 5 options (never repeat, days, weeks, months and years). Can u add please 6 option (working days)? For example I need to due some task every last working day...

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Not syncing

Wunderlist stopped syncing between my iPad and phone about a month ago. Anyone know whats going on?

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