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Numbers getting cut off

The left sidebar, where you can see the number of how many tasks you have per folder, gets cut off so that I cannot see the number anymore but partially. Changing the width of the sidebar has no effect, as the ...

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Apple Watch app

I absolutely love your app and recommend it to everyone! Unfortunately, I lost the Apple Watch app when I upgraded my watch. It was extremely helpful to check off items on my watch while shopping, packing, c...

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It would be nice to have a rollover capability of to do items that we're not completed.

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How long the Wunderlist will continue

I wonder how long Wunderlist will be available in the future? Windows To Do require Windows 10, but I am using Windows 7, a few versions behind. And I am super happy with Wunderlist for many years, do not want ...

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Calendar integration

I am new to wunderlist and trying to use the calendar integration with google calendar, but I can't make it work. I brought the URL into Google calendar settings, but nothing fromnwunderlist appears. Was t...

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Teilaufgaben mit Terminen versehen

I'm searching for the Feature to set a reminder on a subtask

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Printing Wunderlist from Windows 10

I think Wunderlist is one of my most used, and productivity apps ever, but why you have to go thru so many steps to just print a list is ludicrous. This is a SaaS model, why cant the developer just add the alg...

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Item on a list won't open when clicked to review its note .

How do i 'unfreeze' an item that doesn't respond when clicked? It has 64 current and 1388 (I believe) 'completed' items. Do I remove some of them?

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Comments datetime

How can I see when a comment was posted (date and time)? Regards Víctor

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Can’t delete pop up

On my to do list, there is a pop up that says “create your first to do” and there is an “x” button to remove it but when I click on it, nothing is happening. Does anybody know how to remove this?

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