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Notification problem

I have turned on notification on my wunderlist and allowed the options in my phone, but why wunderlist doesn't pop up and remind me on my devices? (both computer / mobile) please help. tq

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Printing list - More button not visible?

I wish to print my list but have no option available. On my PC Wunderlist only displays a greyed out "Share" and and accessible "Sort" but NO "More" to select Print. Why? How to...

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Apagou tudo

Por que minhas listas estão todas sem informações?

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Wunderlist is not able to connect via specific wifi network

The windows 10 wunderlist app is not able to connect to the wunderlist servers. It stays offline. Also logging in is not possible - it says there was a problem connecting to the servers. It does not have to do...

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Liste organisieren/ reihenfolge festlegen

Hallo, zuerst Glückwunsch tolle App !!! Meine Frage: ist es möglich die Liste in der Reihenfolge zu verändern ? Derzeit ist die zuletzt eingetragene Aufgabe oberst drauf. Wir würden gerne diese Reihenfolge ver...

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Windows Hello (?)

I'm trying to set up a Wunderlist account to track family chores. The account is only used for this purpose. I don't want this account to have access to my other personal Wunderlist account. I&#x...

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Google Now integration removed?

Hi, I used to say to Google Now "make a note..." followed by the task I want to capture in wunderlist. Now it is adding the tasks to the simplistic Google list. Help! Thank you

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Remind me field

The remind me field has been deleted to many of my tasks. How can resovle this problem?

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Sync with Outlook

The whole purpose of getting Wunderlist was so that I could sync Outlook with Wunderlist and see my tasks. I have Outlook 365. I have outlook on my phone and I have Outlook 2016 on my PC. I have followed all...

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