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Why don't repeating tasks disappear when completed and reappear when due again?

I've tried every combination of repeat and reminder that I can find, but I can't seem to set this up. I have todo lists with tasks that repeat weekly. No problem in setting up the repeat. The probl...

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When opening Wunderlist, it appears on the screen and disappears

Hello! I have Windows 10. When I click on the icon in the task bar to open Wunderlist it appears on the screen and disappears right away. I have to restart my computer for it to work. Someone can help me?!...

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When we will.you make a WL app for the fire tablet again!

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Repeating Tasks

I have created a checklist for things that we do every Monday. I have reminders set to repeat every week. The problem I have is that when someone completes a task on Monday, it automatically refills that slot...

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provide an API Document for transplanting from Wunderlist

Lot's of MY automation script are based on wunderlist API, if you are going Kill wunderlist , you should provide a transplanting Document to make it easy to replace ALL the wunderlist RESTful API endpoin...

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Mailing to wunderlist from an alternate email account

I mail in to Wunderlist from my primary account using me@wunderlist.com. How can I mail into the same Wunderlist from an alternate email address?

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What are the smart due dates in Spanish?

https://6wunderkinder.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2228217-what-are-smart-due-dates- Here's a full list of currently-working inputs IN ENGLISH: tomorrow breakfast tonight today night tomorro...

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Email to Wunderlist Folder

Is there a way to email an item to a specific folder rather than everything going to the inbox.

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smart list not working

Some dates are not showing up in smart week list even though they were made the same way as the ones that appear. How do I fix this?

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Calendar Feed doesn't update

Installed the calendar per instruction but nothing ever show up! I know there is up to an 8 hour lag, it's been 8 days... :^(

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