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To attach files from GoogleDrive

What plans about attaching files from GoogleDrive like with dropbox?

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Delete pre-populated invitees

When I go to share a list, the pre-populated invitees list has invitees I no longer wish to share lists with. Is there a way to remove those individuals from the pre-populated invitees list?

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Missing list

I have a list that is shared with one person. We both add to it from time to time. The list has gone missing. I have checked that is wasn't dropped into a folder somewhere and it isn't in the list...

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Can anyone rearrange a list?

Perhaps I missed that section, but can anyone on a shared list rearrange the items in that list, and it would sync for everyone, or can only the owner do that?

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App is suddenly freezing frequently

Has something changed behind the scenes? I love the app but this week though my iPhone XR hasn’t changed, the app is freezing every day multiple times. I even mentioned the all in a Wall Street Journal article ...

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Wunderlist is better than Do-to

I feel like wunderlist is better compared to to-do app.. because it has got many features which I could not find in to-do, like week view.. inbox view.. next 7 days view..etc.. which I dont find in to-do..even ...

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Searching completed To-do

Unable to search completed To-dos.How to search them???

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Wrong day of the week

Wunderlist became crazy with dates. In iphone or android all is ok, but in my desktop (with Kubuntu) wunderlist tell me "Friday 05 December 2019". Something incredible. But all the date are +1 day of ...

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Due dates for subtasks

Can you set a due date for a subtask?

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Date completed

Due date & reminders very useful. I need date completed also. Any way to do this apart from typing in on notes?

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