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Searching for an item in list

When I search for an item and several appear ...I click on one to review...when I’m finished and want to see the next similar item I have to re-enter search criteria...this is so frustrating and wastes much tim...

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I have set notifications to email and desktop. I assign a task to one of my employees with her email address The notification comes to me I want it to go to the assignee.....it is that person who has to deal...

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Account Removal

I created an account with work/school profile. How can i remove my account? It keeps telling me my password is wrong. If i could change the password, it would be great, but i can't. I can only login but ...

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Inability to access established Wunderlist

I was dropped from Wunderlist and when I tried to sign in, my email was not accepted. When I went to support, there was a $4.99 fee to help me access my account. Is this standard policy? I have never used an...

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how to view all tags

There was a feature request for this here: https://github.com/idpaterson/alfred-wunderlist-workflow/issues/16 I want to see a list of all tags. I know the autocomplete feature exists. My goal is to see a ...

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Google home integration ?

Hi, There is a great google now integration, and no google home (assistant) integration, which would be even more useful. With google finally supporting 3rd party list application integration, I can't t...

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My lists for this week just disappeared completely—everyday is blank now. Help!

Does anyone know how to restore content that has disappeared? I have been en route today via air so am not sure when this occurred.

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Sort Tasks by Date in reverse order

When i sort the tasks by date the oldest are always on top. I want the new ones on top. I thought by clicking 2 timis on the button this would do the trick, but i doesn't seem possible or am i missing some...

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getting started

I am looking for a tutorial that will show me how to set things up on android phone. I have found set ups for windows and apple and lots of people that show how they use it but not set up. From the very firs...

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Tasks not Repeating

Lately I've found that sometimes when I complete a task set up to repeat, it just disappears without bringing up the new task with later date. Based on what I've read from other questions asked here, ...

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