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azerty vs qwerty

Until yesterday I could use my azerty keyboard to enter data in wunderlist. This morning my standard azerty changed in qwerty. So if I'm using my "a" on my keyboard, it becomes a "q"...

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New date after monthly to-do repetition (post late completion)

Hi, I am wondering something : - I create a to-do due to the 25th of January with a monthly repetition - I check the to-do task on the 27th of January (2 days late) - Is it going to repeat on the 25th or on...

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Wunderlist on web thinks I'm in a different time zone

Wunderlist accessed through the web thinks I'm in a European time zone, but I'm actually in a US time zone (which my iphone app has correct). How do I change my time zone just for the web-based produc...

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Reminders for the person assigned a task

I'm sorry but I can't find the answer to this question. Does the person assigned to the task receive the reminders or only the person who created the task? The latter is useful but the person assign...

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Propietario de Lista

Como puedo realizar un cambio de propietario de una lista de tareas?

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Can't log in on iPad

When I try to log in on an iPad via my Microsoft account, I get a message saying the account already exist. I am not trying to create a new account, just trying to log in?

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Getting Started

I have downloaded the app but I cannot get past the sign in. as soon as I sign in it closes the page????

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How does the reminder work when I travel to different time zone?

hi Wunderlist Team, I would like to know, if I create a task now in Taiwan(CST), and set the reminder, for example, on 1st March 8:00am. but I would be in Germany(CET) on 1st March, so I will be alerted at ...

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Hi everyone, I've just discovered Wunderlist and I think it's THE app I was looking for. I would like to use it for work to assign tasks to one of my colleagues. I created an account for each of us...

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missing lists

I signed in and my lists are missing!!!! How do I retrieve my lists?

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